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About Us:

50 Year Blue Can Water is emergency water that is sold in aluminum cans in order to keep the water safe from light and other environmental factors. It can be stored for 50 years and can be stored from 44° F to 130° F. The FDA requires a coating inside of cans so the substance does not touch the metal. 50 Year Blue Can Water uses epoxy coating inside of the can, keeping the water pure and fresh. If there is a natural disaster it is important to have emergency water stored! Our water is not just for emergencies. 50 Year Blue Can Water is a great way to help save the environment and for everyday hydration.

Plastic Free:

bluecanwaterWe strive to use 95% recycled aluminum for our cans. Plastic water bottles are bad for the environment, because plastic spoils in 12-24 months. When heat hits the plastic the particles fall into the water making it toxic. Every time you choose us you are choosing to help the environment. Let’s make a difference!

Pure Water:

50 Year Blue Can Water has a shelf life of 50 years and is purified and disinfected to remove chemicals and particles using a 12 step multi-stage process, involving active-charcoal filters, dual-reverse osmosis high pressure, six-stage micro traps, two sterilizers using high intensity UV light, active PH balance unit and a final pass through a high pressure active charcoal micro filter and water structuring unit to create smaller clusters for better cell absorption. Last, the cans are hermetically sealed for long lasting pure taste.