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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the can liner made of?

In accordance with FDA requirements, 50 Year Blue Can Water cans have an epoxy coating on the inside to protect the contents from the metal (Aged water in the can has been tested BPA free by an FDA certified Lab)

What makes 50 Year Blue Can Water different then other water?

First, it’s in a can not a plastic water bottle. Second, it is made using a state of the filtering process to make it fresh and clean. Less than 1ppm pure.

Can I leave my water in the garage?

Yes, the heat will not affect the water inside the cans.

How does the water hydrate your body faster than any other water?

We believe that the purity of our water (less than 1 part per million (ppm) of particulates) proves for smaller molecular H20 clusters and thereby allows the water to penetrate the stomach wall quickly thereby hydrating your body faster, with no bloating.

Can I cook with this water?

Yes, Please do, it is great with tea, coffee or soups. Also it is great for protein shakes.

How do you prepare cans for recycling?

Containers should be empty, clean and dry. Aluminim cans can be rinsed before recycling.

What is the most recycled container?

Aluminum! Aluminum has a recycling rate of 95%. Plastic water bottles is less than 9%.